domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Why in Spain people do not eat each other.

   Some foreign friend are really surprised about the macro figures in Spain like most than 6.2 millions of unemployed people, the long period of recesion, the high ratios of inmigration and so on and so forth.
   People think we are at the blink of collapse or we are like eating at each other, but they should understand we have some particularities, plus the global situations:

1) Spain has a economy with a natural high unemployment. For example a 27% of unemployement scare most of foreign.
2) In the middle of ninety we had around 25% of unemployment.
3) Family role as a distributor of resourse among generations.
4) Many people spanish are going abroad to look for a job.
5) Some year ago, Spain was net recipient of people who seek jobs, and a large proportion of them are changed their country again.
6) 4) and 5) mean that there are many people leaving Spain, however, the GDP does not decrease very largely, because 4) are mostly youngsters who have never worked in Spain and 5) are not too much qualified labor supply, mainly for construction sector.
7) As families are loosing their economic capacity more member of them are going to the job market, increasing the figures.
8) Most of the population understant that is something come easily can go easily as well, therefore in the boom period people thought it, and now it is see naturally.

    Please, do not understand this as I was telling you in Spain nothings is happening, just the opposite, but still there is a long walk.