miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

Energy Efficiency is in our daily invention habit

 Energy efficiency comes with a whole range of benefits and opportunities: from health to finance improvement.

We do not have to be inventors or actors to create changes towards a greener planet; we can start by buying a plant, avoid putting extra water to be boil  in the kettle, take a shower 5 second sorter and we will be improving.

There are many thing we can do but we do not even think about them. People get electric cars, what about to get a bike?.  Biking is a good way to avoid jams and do exercise.

Energy efficiency can be achieve by many ways. For example with the housing election, a house could be far more expensive in energy terms that a flat and also the area is a key points. If you live in an area where you have to move to go to buy, to take children to school, go to work... then you have to expend energy and time to shift.  I am not sure it is well known the fact that cities allow for huge savings in energy terms.

Also the recycling of things, the second hand market is a huge way to both save and recycling. By using imagination we can give other uses to objects (for example I am using cardboards boxes as furniture in some part of the house). I have found that a lot of people do not like to buy second hand objects, however they usually cost a fraction of the initial price and in many case they are just slightly old and deteriorated.

There are many ways to avoid wasting not only money but limited resources and need to open our eyes and be creative to give other uses to objects.

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