domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

Electric versus Combustion cars

Electric cars are every day becoming more sounding. We can see futuristics models in tv, and in daily bases I can see the Nissan Leaf and Tesla S in my area.  

Although most of the attention in the inclusion of renewable energy in the motor sector rely on the electric car, I wonder about the other alternative, the biofuels. I cannot find anything in the UK. Apparently fuel you buy in the UK can with a little percentage of biofuels (less than 5 %). However is well-known that in countries like Brazil the size of the market of biofuels is just huge (see in wikipedia). It is possible that the introduction of biofuel is only profitable in Ecuadorian countries however there is a relative good inclusions in countries like EEUU or Sweden.

In theory most of the engines could use a biofuel version without big problems, but a reduction of the power and the range. Apparently there is a cost if you want to adapt  your car. But this is not the only cost, you have to search for the biofuel and it looks  that there is not a big enough net in the UK.

Most of the industrialized big economies have a agricultural sector that could be potentially structured and it could be an interesting direction. It could keep a more local approach to the energy production.

The technology are moving toward the creation of biofuel to be used in car from wood, something very interesting because it could increase the range of possibilities.

It is exciting to see all this technologies heading in one direction let's see what happens in the next future.

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