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Wonder Women and Gender Inequality

Wonder Woman has become a UN embassador which apparently is controversial.

I recall a conversation of my mother and others women talking about the differences of female and male teachers (in the eighties in rural Spain). Today we have a women as a Primer Minister in the UK, and a democrat females candidate for the White House, are we advanced in terms of gender inequality? what is gender inequality?.

To try to understand a little bit more I have been searching a little bit for what is going particularly in the UK (the UK is a very dynamic society where little effects can lead to effect in prices significantly, for example, a) if you have a car and change your neighborhood for another you may find that you have to pay less o more money of car insurance or b) if you search for a house you will see  that a very similar house change its prices for the distance to shopping center, bus lines and so on).  So I have a look to a couple of reviews of the topic  and suggestion to help (here and here).

There are ideas about the role of women and men in society, however there is also a strong economic component in the decision or employment of those roles (consciously or unconsciously).

I do not think I am going to find here in half an hour the answer, solution or not even the right question but it makes me think a little bit: this thought lead to life balance and this is a topic than religions are working on it for millenniums. I also think it is very important to account for the views in decision of every single group in the society.

I think that most of the result come out from "cold" wages  and "warm" sharing self reported information.  I mean cold in the sense that it just an objective number  (it appears in the bank account) and warm that someone self report something in biased (I think I do this thing better or more that other person) by construction.

Some of the conclusion of  previous reports is that women tend to spend more time in chores and at home than men and men tend to earn more money and work full time outside home. I wonder if there is and objective/rational way to think this is good or bad or where is the best allocation to get a good balanced. I do not know where is the balance.

I am afraid that men could tend to work outside home more because they general imperative  culture and better salaries and women then to work more within the family realm for the same reason and they both resent to do that. I mean women may think men are better off and viceversa. Which could take a solution to try to do everything in halves. Is this the fair allocation? is it the balanced point?

Diclousure: I am a man.

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