miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

The Syrian's mess, Calais's jungle and information

Today I was checking the news an I was surprise by the new of of a military "parade" or Russian military ships near UK, and it makes me think about the reason: aparently the ships are in their way to Sirya, what makes me focus in Syria and I have realice that Sirya is on war for years now. 

The Calais Jungle appears in the British news daily, I know people volunteering their and I know refugees from the area. What is going on in there? In my search for information I have found that in the military actions there are involved Russia, EEUU, UK, France, Irak Iran and  other countries. What it become such a mess? How can it be I do not know exactly what is doing the British military there?

I do not, even when I check daily Spanish and British news. How can I do not know? It also happening to most of the people I know, you ask about this particular topic and they are totally lost.

Do we have to little information or to much?

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