jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Innovations are simpler.

Today I looked up the term Encarta in Wikipedia. A few years ago, nobody could imagine that Encarta would be killed by Wikipedia, Encarta with prestigious teachers writing on it, Wikipedia with a branch of the most variety of people. However Wikipedia won, and today is the largest encyclopedia growing every single day.
It is something natural, phones are been substitute by mobile/smart phones, Polaroid for digital cameras and so on and so forth. This is called creative destruction, and it is happening from the beginning of the times. It consists on that in and questions of time, something new and better will appear something that can even be over our expectations, something wonderful and unimaginable.
 Human creativity has not limits. Currently the innovation concept is linked with the idea of research and development, and many people complain about that the government does not supply enough help in this sense. However many of the most successful innovations do not require of a research department, neither  patents. For example Mercadona, Zara, Ikea… all of them combine different ideas and creativity but do not require of PhD of researcher just a guy who realise a new way to do something.
Coming back to Wikipedia, its success is because they come up with a new idea to put people to work, for just a few hours, for free or just for the satisfaction to do it. Of course it are sectors which really needs huge inversion like pharmaceutical or aerospace industry, an there the commitment between university, industry and government should be fluent and in the long run give result. However in the short run government can limit its influence to make people’s lives easy to create startups and try to synchronize

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