domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

The chilcare choice

 About this topic there are two points which are key in my opinion: 1) the new role of woman in our societies and 2) balancing family and working life.
The role of women is very different to some decades ago, woman used to take care of the family in terms of nutrition, childcare and family relations with the other members of the family, the neighborhood, with the teachers among other uncountable activities. Today women work, even in some cases they are the breadwinners of families, also the concept of families is changing though time, for instance is more usual to find single-parent families. In my opinion the previous occupation of woman is, in our days, despised. However I think they have not to do it, or in other words, man and woman should share as much as possible the childcare. Fathers should step forward and begin to spend more time with their children and even more, work in each single situation related with their family.
It is true that the number of children that a woman has is inversely related with her salary; therefore the number of children per woman in our days is dropping down, so it is important to share the time, even the opportunity cost, of having a baby with the father, family, babysitter or nurseries. An appropriate combination is important, that is how we arrive at the second point: balancing family and working life. It is obviously necessary that both parents and family exploit the whole set of possibilities, including advantages in the jobs, such as, working part-time, from home, and more flexibility with the time-tables.
In my opinion, which maybe it is not too much qualify given I have not children, is that childcare is something wonderful and very rewarding. Parents can teach and benefit their children which their own experience (we should not forget that genetics is an important factor in our life, and our biological families probably already face the same problems than us). Also the link established in the childhood with the parents will last for many years and can affect the behavior of the family for generations. I am not saying just spend time with the children, because, one of the problems of traditional housewives is that when the children left the nest they feel herself unnecessary until grandchildren come.
As conclusion, I really think that balancing family and working life is difficult but very important in the long run, for this reason we should think and combine many possibilities available in our days.

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